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Hillside Park

Hillside Park, located in Hudsonville, MI, is a charming residential area known for its scenic beauty, family-friendly atmosphere, and ample outdoor opportunities. Nestled amidst rolling hills and picturesque landscapes, the community exudes a small-town charm that’s increasingly rare in today’s fast-paced world. Located just a short drive from key amenities, Hillside Park offers the best of both worlds: tranquility and convenience.

One of the area’s standout features is Hillside Park Community Center, a hub for various recreational activities and community events. From summer camps to yoga classes, the center has something for everyone in the family. For those who enjoy hiking, biking, or simply walking in nature, the nearby Hillside Nature Reserve offers several miles of well-maintained trails, adding to the area’s outdoor appeal.

Local education is a strong suit for Hillside Park, which is served by the highly-rated Hillside School District. With a reputation for academic excellence and extracurricular programs, Hillside Elementary and Hillside High School are integral parts of the community. Parents often gather for PTA meetings, and seasonal events like the Hillside Fall Fair bring families together for fun-filled activities.

Food enthusiasts have several options to explore. Hillside Market is the go-to grocery store offering fresh produce and organic food items. For dining out, a variety of restaurants are available in and around Hillside Park, ranging from traditional American cuisine at Hillside Diner to more exotic flavors at Siam Garden Thai Restaurant.

Shopping aficionados will find Hillside Shopping Plaza just a few miles from the center of the community. This mall features several national chains, as well as locally-owned boutique stores, providing residents with a multitude of shopping options.

Another key entity is Hillside Medical Center, offering a range of medical services from general practice to specialized care. Situated conveniently within the community, the center ensures that healthcare needs are met promptly and professionally.

Moreover, Hillside Park is strategically situated near major highways, making it easy to reach neighboring cities for work or leisure. Public transportation is also readily available, serviced by Hillside Bus Lines, connecting residents to various points of interest in the region.

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