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At T&M Outdoor Services, we take pride in being South Haven, MI’s premier fence contractor. With years of expertise, we bring unmatched skill and dedication to every project. Our team is passionate about enhancing your property’s security, aesthetics, and value through top-notch fence installation services. We understand the unique needs of our community, ensuring tailor-made solutions that stand the test of time. Committed to excellence, we blend quality craftsmanship with reliable service, earning the trust of our clients one project at a time. Discover the difference with T&M Outdoor Services – where your vision meets our proficiency.

"At T&M Outdoor Services, we don't just build fences; we create boundaries of trust. Our commitment to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction drives everything we do. Let us transform your property, ensuring it stands as a testament to our expertise and your vision."

Client Raves: Our Fencing Excellence Speaks Louder Than Words

Discover what our satisfied clients have to say about our unmatched expertise in fence installation.
Service was performed well. On time. Certious. Attention to detail was good. I would recommend their service.
Doug Griffiths
Doug Griffiths
I use T&M for personal as well as business properties. Nothing is too small or too big for these guys. They always do top shelf work.

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Dive into our showcase of bespoke fencing projects, each a testament to our craftsmanship, creativity, and dedication to enhancing properties in South Haven, MI.
Aluminum Fence Installation

Choose T&M Outdoor Services for Your Fencing Needs.

Expert Craftsmanship

Precision-built fences, ensure durability and aesthetic appeal.

Personalized Solutions

Tailor-made designs, addressing your unique property requirements.

Exceptional Customer Care

Dedicated support, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish.

Best Fence and Turf Installation Service in South Haven, MI

Our Services We Offer

Tired of spending endless hours maintaining your lawn? At T&M Outdoor Services, we understand the hassle of maintaining natural grass. Our Residential Artificial Turf services offer a lush, green landscape that stays vibrant year-round, enhancing your home’s beauty without the constant upkeep. We specialize in crafting custom solutions tailored to your property, ensuring a perfect fit and a natural look. Our synthetic turf not only eliminates the need for mowing and watering but also creates a safe, soft surface for your family to enjoy. Say goodbye to patchy lawns and hello to the vibrant, low-maintenance greenery your home deserves.
residential turf service
Commercial Artificial Turn Installation
In the competitive world of business, first impressions matter. T&M Outdoor Services provides Commercial Artificial Turf solutions designed to elevate your commercial property’s aesthetic appeal effortlessly. Our expertise lies in transforming ordinary spaces into inviting, green havens, enhancing the ambiance for customers and employees alike. With our artificial turf, your commercial property will radiate professionalism and charm, setting you apart from the competition. Experience a hassle-free, visually appealing landscape that welcomes clients and creates an atmosphere of success, all with minimal maintenance requirements.
Are your furry friends wreaking havoc on your natural lawn? T&M Outdoor Services has the perfect solution. Our Artificial Turf for Pets offers a pet-friendly, durable alternative to natural grass, specially designed to withstand playful paws and pet activities. Our expertly installed synthetic turf provides a safe, comfortable space for your pets to play, ensuring no muddy paws in the house. Say goodbye to bald patches and muddy messes; our artificial turf is resilient, easy to clean, and environmentally friendly. Let your pets roam freely while maintaining the beauty of your lawn with our pet-friendly artificial turf solutions.
Artificial Turf for Dog
Artificial Turf for Golf
Dreaming of a backyard golfing paradise? T&M Outdoor Services turns your vision into reality with our top-tier Artificial Turf for Golf. Imagine practicing your swing on a pristine, low-maintenance green that stays flawless regardless of the weather. Our specialized artificial turf mimics the texture and performance of natural grass, providing a consistent surface for golf enthusiasts. No more worries about divots, maintenance, or weather damage – our golf turf ensures your golfing experience is always at its best. Whether you’re perfecting your game or enjoying leisurely rounds with friends, our artificial turf offers the ideal solution. Elevate your golfing experience and add value to your property with our expertly crafted golf turf installations, right here in South Haven, MI.
Wondering how to add security and elegance to your property simultaneously? T&M Outdoor Services offers premium Aluminum Fence Installation. Our aluminum fences blend durability and sophistication, providing a solution for those seeking a balance between style and strength. Worried about rust and maintenance? Our aluminum fences are resistant to corrosion and require minimal upkeep, ensuring your property stays secure and beautiful for years. Trust us to install a fence that not only protects but also enhances the aesthetics of your space, right here in South Haven, MI.
aluminum fence installation
chain link fence installation
Seeking cost-effective security without compromising on durability? Our Chain Link Fence Installation services are the answer. Chain link fences are renowned for their sturdy construction, making them ideal for both residential and commercial properties. T&M Outdoor Services ensures expert installation, addressing your security concerns effectively. Worried about intruders or keeping pets within your property? Our chain link fences offer a robust barrier, providing peace of mind and a sense of safety. We tailor our solutions to your specific needs, guaranteeing a reliable, budget-friendly fencing option for South Haven, MI residents, and businesses.
Is your existing fence showing signs of wear and tear? Don’t let a damaged fence compromise your security. T&M Outdoor Services specializes in Fence Repair, addressing issues promptly and efficiently. Whether it’s due to weather damage, aging, or accidental impacts, our experts assess the damage and offer tailored repair solutions. Worried about costly replacements? Our skilled technicians are adept at restoring fences to their former glory, saving you money while ensuring your property remains secure. Count on us for reliable, expert fence repair services, ensuring the longevity of your investment in South Haven, MI.
fence repair
vinyl fence installation
Dreaming of a fence that combines elegance with low maintenance? Our Vinyl Fence Installation services offer the perfect solution. Vinyl fences provide the classic look of wood without the hassle of upkeep. T&M Outdoor Services excels in crafting customized vinyl fences that enhance your property’s aesthetics and privacy. Worried about weathering or termite damage? Our vinyl fences are resilient, enduring the elements and pests without losing their charm. We prioritize your preferences, delivering vinyl fences that not only protect but also elevate the visual appeal of your space. Experience the beauty of hassle-free, elegant fencing with our expert vinyl fence installations in South Haven, MI.
Craving a timeless, natural look for your property? Our Wood Fence Installation services offer the warmth and charm of wood, enhancing your space with a touch of rustic elegance. Worried about the longevity of wood in various weather conditions? T&M Outdoor Services utilizes high-quality, treated wood, ensuring your fence remains sturdy and resilient against the elements. Wood fences are versatile and suitable for both classic and contemporary aesthetics. Whether you desire complete privacy, security, or a decorative boundary, our experts tailor wood fences to meet your specific needs. With our skilled craftsmanship and premium materials, your property in South Haven, MI will boast a durable, appealing wood fence that adds character and value for years to come.
Fence Company
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Consultation & Design

Collaborative discussions to craft customized fencing plans.

Expert Installation

Skilled professionals bring your vision to life with precision.

Quality Assurance

Thorough inspections ensure durable, flawless fences.

areas we serve

Areas We Serve

Enhancing Properties Across South Haven, MI & Surrounding Neighborhoods.

Frequently Asked Questions

At T&M Outdoor Services, we specialize in a variety of fencing materials, including aluminum, chain link, vinyl, and wood. Each material offers unique benefits, catering to different aesthetic preferences and functional needs. During our consultation, we’ll help you choose the perfect material for your project.
The duration of the installation process depends on the complexity and size of the project. Typically, our expert team ensures efficient installation, completing most projects within a few days. We prioritize quality and accuracy, ensuring your fence is not only installed swiftly but also built to last.
Yes, we take pride in offering tailored solutions. Our team collaborates closely with clients during the consultation and design phase to understand specific preferences and requirements. We create custom fence designs, ensuring your project is unique and perfectly aligns with your vision for your property.
Our artificial turf is designed for minimal maintenance. Regular brushing to keep the fibers upright and occasional rinsing to remove debris are usually sufficient. For pet owners, removing solid waste and rinsing the area can maintain hygiene. Overall, artificial turf provides a hassle-free, lush green lawn without the demanding upkeep natural grass requires.

Securing South Haven: T&M Outdoor Services Delivers Tailored Fencing Excellence

Population Count: Approximately 4,400 residents (as of the latest census data).

Coordinates: Latitude 42.4037° N, Longitude 86.2736° W.

In the heart of South Haven, MI, T&M Outdoor Services stands as your dedicated partner in transforming properties. Our tailored fencing solutions, ranging from elegant aluminum to classic wood, cater to your unique needs. With a keen eye on quality and expertise, we craft fences that enhance security and elevate aesthetics.

Our commitment goes beyond fences – it’s about enriching lives and safeguarding what matters. We understand the pulse of South Haven, from its vibrant community to its thriving businesses. As your local experts, we value the unique essence of our town, ensuring our fencing solutions harmonize seamlessly with the spirit of South Haven.

Embrace the ease of maintenance-free artificial turf, the timeless allure of wood, or the sleek durability of vinyl. Our team, rooted in the community, comprehends the local nuances. From concept to installation, we promise a hassle-free experience. Let us be the architects of your ideal space, a testament to your vision and our craftsmanship.

Now, it’s your turn. Dive into a world where every fence tells a story – your story. Engage with T&M Outdoor Services today, and let us weave your dreams into the fabric of South Haven. Discover the joy of a secure, beautiful property and the peace of mind that comes with expertly crafted fences. Reach out, South Haven – your perfect fence awaits, and so do we.

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About South Haven, MI

South Haven is a city in the U.S. state of Michigan. Most of the city is in Van Buren County, although a small portion extends into Allegan County. The population was 4,403 at the 2010 census. Because of its position on Lake Michigan, at the mouth of the Black River, South Haven has always been a port city. During settlement, major ship lines stopped there, both passenger and freight. In the early 1900s South Haven became a resort town, sometimes referred to as “The Catskills of the Midwest.” South Haven is a major regional tourist draw because of its recreational harbor and beaches. It is the western terminus of the Kal-Haven Trail, popular with bicyclists and snowmobilers. Nearby are Van Buren State Park and the Van Buren Trail State Park. Noted botanist Liberty Hyde Bailey was born in South Haven. His childhood home was presented to the city in the 1930s, and is now a museum.

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